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BIB119- Women In the Bible I



This class will explore the lives of major women in Chumash using an in-depth learning style. Beginning with a simple level of understanding, students will then deepen and broaden their knowledge through learning the story of these women with the perspective of major commentators. This class will ask of students to challenge their preconceptions, and discover their personal connection with these women through identifying their impact on their personal lives today.



  • List the major events and people that shaped the personality and affected the life decisions of specific women in Chumash

  • Identify one or two of the major contributions this woman made to history

  • Compare and ultimately reassess their own preconceptions of these women with that of the Torah’s view after thoroughly learning about them.

  • Cull personal life lessons from their new-found knowledge, seeing how the stories of the women in Torah continue to live on in each of their own lives today.

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