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Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman - (Personal Growth Through Torah)

Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Sneiderman has worked in education for many years. For twenty-three years, Rabbi Sneiderman and his wife Roni Sarah served as Shluchim at the University of Delaware. While at Delaware, Rabbi Sneiderman was an adjunct Professor of Philosophy, teaching Jewish Philosophy and Theology for eighteen years. He taught at Gratz Hebrew High School for ten years and Adult Education at the Delaware Valley JCC. Rabbi Sneiderman is the former Dean of Jewish Studies at the American Hebrew Academy.

Rabbi Sneiderman has a Doctorate in Education from Gratz College, a MSW from Yeshiva University, and two certificates in experiential Jewish Education, one from Brandeis and the other from Yeshiva University. Rabbi Sneiderman has Semicha from Central Lubavitch Yeshiva and he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in History.

Rabbi Sneiderman loves the intersection of Art and Torah. He studied painting and drawing while in college and taught drawing at the American Hebrew Academy where he also oversaw eight integrated Art and Judaism courses.

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