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THR 178- Improvisation I



This class focuses on the art of Improvisation for the theatre. Re-learning a sense of play through group games, both physical and vocal, are used as warm ups each week. Viola Spolin’s Improvisation for the Theatre is the source for theatre games utilized towards building elements of a scene. “Who”, “what”, and “where” are explored through separate exercises. By mid-semester students are able to fully improvise a complete scene with a fellow actor based on suggestions from an audience. This class is a foundational requirement for all Tzohar arts classes in exploring a sense of play, curiosity and confidence in presenting in front of an audience.



  • Revive a sense of playfulness

  • Create a “who” or character and relationship

  • Build a physical “where” that is believable without use of any props or scenery

  • Execute a ‘what’ through connection with acting partner in physical space

  • Create entire scenes improvisationally through suggested audience input

  • Be comfortable and free in front of an audience while acting, speaking or demonstrating

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