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JPH145-Jewish Ethics



This course addresses the Jewish perspective of marriage and family relationships. Attention is given to dating, marriage, role of the Jewish Woman, parenting and conflict management. Emphasis is placed on the Jewish values of strong, healthy, happy marriage and family.



Upon the completion of this course:

1. The student will be able to define the stages of readiness for dating and marriage.  

2. The student will discover the important elements in choosing a spouse.

3. The student will develop an understanding of the Jewish and Chassidic views of marriage.  

4. The student will study the relevant Jewish sources and role models in Tanach concerning dating, courting, marriage, intimacy, parenting, and family relationships. 

5. The student will be able to describe their role and responsibility in creating a Binyan Adei Ad - Jewish Home.

6. The student will be exposed to issues that impact families and relationships.

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