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New Tzohar Second Year Program to Begin in September 2017!


At Tzohar Seminary, our guiding belief is that experiencing and expressing the divine within our lives is part of our very purpose.  What does this mean practically?  Creative thinking, meaningful education, and artistic expression come together at Tzohar to facilitate each student’s deep and personal connection to Yiddishkeit. 


We are seeking 10-15 second year seminary students for the 2017-18 school year, comprised of Tzohar graduates and graduates of other seminary programs, who are interested in bringing creativity and the arts into Jewish education. 



Tzohar Seminary is a unique, educational program where Jewish women study Jewish texts in the morning and the arts in the afternoon. Tzohar students create works of art that explore and communicate meaningful spiritual ideas. Graduates of this one year program will receive a certificate, which includes the creative and educational theory and skills needed to share this groundbreaking educational approach with others, as a shlichus, to breathe new life into Jewish education everywhere.


Tzohar provides the sacred space and time a young woman needs to make meaning of her experiences and studies, and come together with other like-minded students to discover and create new and unique ways of learning Torah and Chassidus.  In light of this, our second year program will consist of


  • Classes in Limudei Kodesh, Chassidus, Arts and Education

  • Training in Curriculum Development, Teaching, and Arts Integration 

  • Collaboration with classroom teachers at Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh to bring Torah and Hashem to life for each child through our "Parsha through the Arts" curriculum which vitalizes elementary school Torah learning


Spending time studying Torah, the arts and education, second year Tzohar students will gain valuable teaching experience and become experts in empowering children to express Jewish ideas and values through creativity and art.

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