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Rabbi Shais Taub received his rabbinical ordination from the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY.  A sought-after speaker, he has travelled all over the United States and Israel giving classes and lectures, leading retreats and serving as scholar-in-residence at various congregations, as well as in Boys Town, Nebraska.


Rabbi Taub is the author of several acclaimed works elucidating the principles of chassidus including the groundbreaking teaching tool, The Map of Tanya, and the most highly attended JLI course of all time, Soul Maps. His latest work, entitled God of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction, was praised by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. as a “masterful elucidation” on the subject of recovery. NPR’s Day to Day called Taub “an expert on Jewish mysticism and the Twelve Steps.” Taub’s interest in the field of addiction sprang from his work in a Milwaukee Chabad House with Jewish men in recovery.

He lives with his wife, Brocha, and their children, in Pittsburgh, PA.

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