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Hindy Gurevitz

Mrs. Gurevitz grew up in Bogota, Colombia where her parents were sent to be Chabad emissaries for the community there.  She went on to study in Bais Chaya Mushka Seminary in Tzfat, Israel and later went on to work in New Jersey with children in the field of special education. Mrs. Gurevitz, along with her husband and eight children, now run their own Chabad Center at the University of West Virginia where they constantly work to bring Judaism and spirituality to the students there. 

In her ‘spare’ time, Mrs. Gurevitz helps keep Tzohar thriving. She is the programs director, planning activities beyond the day to day learning for the girls, is director of student wellness and loves getting to know each student on a more personal level, as well as managing admissions each year. 

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