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Chassidus teaches us that the whole purpose of creation is to make this world a dwelling place for Hashem. This teaching is the cornerstone of the Pittsburgh Chabad community and Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, the educational institution behind it. As the world moves rapidly towards the Messianic era, opportunities to spread G-dliness are also greater than ever before.


It was for these reasons that I supported Mrs. Amy Guterson when she approached me with her idea to open a seminary combining Chassidus and the Arts. Young women with G-d given talent, proper cultivation of that talent, and, above all, an advanced education “al taharas Ha Kodesh” could utilize their creativity in myriad ways to spread the light of Torah and Chassidus, hastening Moshiach’s arrival.


The Pittsburgh community has a large reserve of talent on all fronts to support this endeavor, but above all it has the passion and drive of Mrs. Guterson. An accomplished actress, writer, director and teacher,  Mrs. Guterson has the determination necessary to bring this seminary into being. I am optimistic that, with Hashem’s help, the Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts will be a powerful tool to bring G-dliness into the world, an idea whose time has come.


Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld,


Regional Director of Chabad of Western Pennsylvania

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