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Our seminary spends a month in Israel during the winter, traveling and getting a taste of what it’s like to live and learn in Israel. Students visit holy sites, tour the country and its varied landscapes, and visit arts institutions. They meet Jewish artists who using their art as part of their lives and mission. Our students learn with master teachers and gain a richer perspective on their lives as Jewish women, and in service of the Jewish people, land and the world.  They deepen their experience of how they can integrate all parts of themselves, not needing to choose Judaism over arts or the arts over Judaism, and how they can make a difference.  


Our trips have inspired some of our graduates to pursue study and the arts in Israel. Some students have joined the Israeli army, some have done Sheirut Leumi, national service, and quite a number have made the choice to make Israel their home where they contribute through their particular talents. For those who make their lives in the US and other places outside of Israel, this trip has impacted how they live as Jewish women and artists.

You can view a blog of Tzohar's Israel Trip 2017 here:

I had already spent a year living in Israel prior to the Tzohar Israel program, and yet going on the trip felt like seeing the country with new eyes. We visited uplifting places of art that I would never have had the opportunity to experience otherwise; we toured artists’ home studios, watched rehearsals at an international dance village, and participated in a drama workshop by the head of a deaf-blind acting group, to name a few. All of these experiences I can recall easily, years later, because of their impact and uniqueness. In addition to this artistic lens with which the trip was crafted, we were also given a powerful spiritual lens with which to experience the holiness of Eretz Yisroel because of the learning we had done before the trip and during our daily morning learning while there.  I hope to visit Israel many times over and in the near future, and I can confidently say that this short trip filled me with memories and inspiration that will carry me for many, many years.

-Noa Blokh, Class of 2017

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