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Rabbi Aaron Herman

Rabbi Herman grew up in Pittsburgh attending the Yeshiva Schools and went on to study in Chabad institutions in America and abroad. Rabbi Herman and his wife Leah, went on Shlichus to Raleigh, North Carolina over thirteen years ago, where he held the position of Head of School of the local Jewish day school, Jewish Academy, while at the same time running a successful Chabad House.


Rabbi Herman is primarily known for his skill in teaching and developing curricula. As a gifted teacher, Rabbi Herman has been constantly in demand for Shiurim and adult education. His areas of special interest include Chassidus, Hashkafa and contemporary Halacha. Rabbi Herman takes complex ideas and conveys them in a way that provides clarity and insight. He has developed many original classes and has been proficient in demonstrating how the study of Chassidus is relevant to teens and young adults.


Rabbi Herman regularly authors and edits curricula for JLI Teens, and serves as an author for adult JLI courses as well. Over 10,000 adult learners appreciated the course that Rabbi Herman authored on Israel entitled, The Land and the Spirit. A Holocaust course that Rabbi Herman designed, Beyond Never Again, has also received much acclaim from within the academic and general community.


Since Rabbi Herman was born and raised in Pittsburgh, he has watched the local Chabad community expand from a few families in the 1970′s to the current state of affairs, where Pittsburgh is now one of the premier Chabad communities in the US. He is excited to help the students at Tzohar reach their potential and become mentors within the Jewish community.

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