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Rabbi Dovid Hordiner

Rabbi Hordiner has worked as an educator for over twenty five years.  He is the founder of Hordiner Consulting where he supports administrators, leads professional development workshops for teachers, and develops curriculum. For ten years Rabbi Hordiner and his wife, Nechama, served as shluchim in Stamford, CT. There he held the position of Director at the JECEI-awarded Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center, taught weekly classes in Chassidus, and led a unique parenting program for fathers that has been adopted by other Chabad Houses (Click here for Fathers First article).


Rabbi Hordiner holds a Triple Masters Degree from Bank Street College of Education.  He is also a graduate of the Rabbinical College of America and Swarthmore College. Rabbi Hordiner has a particular interest in exploring the authentic intersection of Chassidus, psychology, and education. He approaches teaching from the perspective of intentional practice and views curriculum as an expression and expansion of the connection between a student and an idea.  

Rabbi Hordiner is a creative soul whose artistic talents include musical composition, writing, and photography. He was classically trained on piano from the age of six, percussion from the age of eight, and he dabbles in acoustic guitar. Rabbi Hordiner writes about education on his website and has authored articles and developed curricular tools used by Jewish educators around the country. He also enjoys writing poetry and taking photographs.

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