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THR 247


This class builds upon acting elements taught in Acting. Utilizing scenes from classic American, British, Russian and Greek drama, the acting student reinforces skills in reading the play and bringing a specified scene to life. The actor learns to scour the play for clues towards building her character and writes a character biography. Students learn to create the character’s inner life and psychology. Students then learn to develop a character’s outer life. Using exercises to find a character’s physical center and utilizing the “Laban Efforts”, students explore the entire physicality of the character. Rehearsal proceeds with a scene partner exploring beats, character objectives and obstacles. Students create deep and profound connections to the characters and scene.


  • Research characters through information given in play

  • Build inner character life through writing character biography

  • Explore physical choices and vocal choices for a character

  • Develop deep connection to the material and partner in delving into character and circumstances

  • Gain understanding of human behavior, psychology, and actions taken

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