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MUS 110


Weekly 25 minute private voice lessons individually tailored to the needs and level of each student, beginner through advanced. Assignments and one on one work advance students’ knowledge of vocal techniques. An exploration of the physiology and acoustics of the human singing voice in a group setting. Vocal techniques are taught in a group format as a healthy foundation for solo performance in both classical and non-classical singing styles.


  • Learn basic voice anatomy.

  • Establish a healthy vocal technique for singing that is applicable to many different singing styles.

  • Understand voice health and hygiene.

  • Learn effective practice techniques.

  • Learn basic vocal and musical vocabulary.

  • Unlock the communicative and expressive power of their own voices.

  • Develop critical listening skills apropos to one’s own singing, as well as the singing of others.

  • Develop techniques to address performance anxiety.

  • Develop the ability to give and take critique about one’s own performance and the performance of others.

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