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Leah Herman

Mrs. Herman has been a teacher for over 25 years and has taught Tzohar students for over a decade.

Prior to living in Pittsburgh, Mrs. Herman was engaged in Shlichus in North Carolina, as co-director of Chabad of Cary and as a teacher in the local Jewish Day School. Mrs. Herman also taught in the Melton program in Raleigh – a JCC sponsored program to bring greater levels of Jewish education to adults from across the Jewish spectrum.

She graduated from Chatham University, majoring in Psychology and held internships at the Children's Institute and the Office of Behavioral Health in Pittsburgh. She is currently enrolled in Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work, working on her Masters Degree in Social Work, specializing in clinical counseling.

One of Mrs. Herman’s strengths is her ability to elicit discussion from those who participate in her classes and discussion groups. The Jewish Women’s Forum that Mrs. Herman founded in Cary was well attended by Jewish women from all backgrounds and all levels of observance.

Mrs. Herman is skilled at creating a safe environment for women to share their personal thoughts and feelings with each other. She teaches Hashkafa to the 9th grade in the Yeshiva Schools and is beloved for the care and concern that she demonstrates to each student.

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