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Shternie Rosenfeld

Mrs. Rosenfeld was born and raised in London, England and attended the Lubavitch girls school there. She studied for two years at the seminary in Bournemouth, England.  She taught at the Lubavitch girls high school in London for two years and was head counselor for multiple summers. Mrs. Rosenfeld taught 8th grade in New York at Yeshiva Ratzad and in the elementary school at Beis Rivkah.

After marrying, Mrs. Rosenfeld moved to Pittsburgh where she was on full time shlichus in Fox Chapel PA.  At Chabad of Fox Chapel, she and her husband ran a Hebrew school, Gan Israel summer camp and teen and adult programs. She also taught high school Sichos and Hashkofa for two years at Yeshiva Schools.

Currently Mrs. Rosenfeld runs her own non profit called the Jewish Spark, continuing her Shlichus to spread the wellsprings of Chassidus.

Mrs. Rosenfeld is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her love of Chassidus to Seminary girls. This is something she has always wanted to do, as she had wonderful Sichos teachers in seminary and always wanted to be able to give that back.  Her hope is to bring her skills as life coach and many years of education to the classroom.

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