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I recently returned from Israel, where I traveled with friends and family for my dear father’s unveiling. His headstone reads (in Hebrew) “A man who is straight in his ways, wise, and noble of heart.”  My father, Nahum Leib Gordon, was wise, kind, loving and forward-thinking. He was also supportive of others and creative in his responses to their needs.


My dad was and continues to be my role model. He was a devoted father and husband, and an accomplished attorney who used creative problem solving in his work. He became the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s lawyer, writing the Rebbe’s will, and helping to legally incorporate all the sections of Chabad, so that things could continue to run well to this day. He created a synagogue, Aish Kodesh, to fill the spiritual need in his community, changing many lives for the better. He also supported and affirmed my founding of Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts, and he understood the uniqueness of our mission.


Since Tzohar’s inception seven years ago, my father helped ensure the financial stability of our seminary by working to garner supporters and establish a solid foundation for growth.

Today, in an effort to move closer towards that solid foundation, we plan to hire a Director of Development to help create a strong financial basis so we can do the unique work that we do. The NACHUM GORDON FUND for Tzohar Seminary, created in my father’s memory, is designed to enable us to hire this individual.


Tzohar Seminary focuses on the integration of the Arts and Torah study, with an emphasis on Chassidut. High School graduates come from all across the US, Canada, England, Australia and Israel to participate in our ground-breaking program. Our young female students study Torah and Chassidus during the first part of their day, and then are immersed in arts education during the afternoon (visual art, music, dance, creative and dramatic writing, theatre, filmmaking and photography). Tzohar participants identify the concepts that speak to them personally and express them in an art form of their choice. The results are beautiful, impactful and moving, and the students themselves grow as individuals, as artists and as Jewish women. Their sense of personal identity and purpose is defined during this year, and they graduate from Tzohar with a desire to contribute to the larger community.


Please help us honor the memory of my father, Nahum L Gordon, by supporting this fund, which will empower creative young women to develop a whole new segment of our Jewish community, which has remained dormant for too long. Creativity through the arts helps Jewish youth learn about their identity, history and personal purpose, and it inspires them to make this world a better place.


Thank you so much for your consideration.


Best wishes,


Amy Guterson, Founder, Tzohar Seminary

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