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Ashira King

Mrs. King was born and raised in Berkeley (better known as Bezerkeley), CA. From her early childhood onward, writing and poetry have been both her passion and voice as she navigated the world. Growing up with this experience instilled a deep belief in the essential opportunity to uncover the intersection of Torah and the creative arts in every person’s life.

After starting their family in Crown Heights, and spending some years living in Nashville, TN, Mrs. King and her husband, Yisroel, settled in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the many things that excited them about the Pittsburgh community was Tzohar Seminary!

Mrs. King works as the admissions and enrollment director for Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, is a board member of Bnai Emunoh Chabad in Greenfield, and devotes herself to raising her 5 beautiful children together with her husband. 

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