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ART 121


Students will learn about the fundamentals of metalsmithing in a fun,
fast-paced environment and create one-of-a-kind jewelry, objects, and accessories from copper
and brass sheet metal & wire.


  • Work with copper and brass metals in a variety of gauges and forms (sheet, wire)

  • Explore the various ways metal can be shaped, joined and manipulated as a material

  • Learn how to safely and confidently operate various metalsmithing tools/equipment

    (jewelers saw, drill press, rolling mill, flex shaft, polishing lathe, acetylene torch, etc).

  • Gain an understanding of how metal can be work-hardened and annealed, and how

    these traits can be used to our advantage while we craft

  • Develop designs that are interesting and appropriately challenging, and have fun experimenting and learning new skills

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