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JPH 114

Course Description

An in-depth study examining core teachings of Chabad Chassidic philosophy and practice, utilizing a variety of Chassidic Discourses as source texts. The course explores issues involving the nature of the soul and how the makeup of human identity mirrors the kabalistic description of the chain-like progression of spiritual realms [Seder Hishtalshalut]. It also explores the very nature of Chassidus itself and how it differs from kabala and other types of mysticism that appeared earlier in Jewish history.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the complexities involved in the Mashpia-Mekabel relationship as detailed in the Chassidic Discourse Lecha Dodi.

  • Create one mini-projects that demonstrates awareness of how the Mashpia-Mekabel relationship can become more effectively harnessed in your own life.

  • Explain how Chassidus views the feminine archetype of spirituality and how that impacts real-life behavior within Jewish history.

  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the Divine sefiros and corresponding middos within each individual, as well as how our middos can be used as a key element of improving relationships.

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